I cannot send Solana from Binance to Stepn Wallet

I’ve been struggling for 3-4 days to transfer from binance to Stepn Wallet Sol und Gmt token but I can’t, I’m very disappointed.
I changed the solana for $ 98 to be sent to buy shoes and in the meantime the solana has dropped and I haven’t done any business

Hello! Is here anybody that can help me in solving my problem?
I sent solana from Binance so Stepn to days ago. The transaction was approved by the two sides but the coins didn t arrive in my wallet.
Please help me to solve this problem.

“congested” was written on Binance Solana network. I am using different exchange company.

I too use Binance and recently bought Stepn sneakers. Solana is usually congested and Binance is just too much , they pause certain networks randomly without no reason. So the best step will be to move your sol from Binance to a solana HD wallet,(hardware derivative wallet). I personally use Avana wallet, it’s on desktop only rn, mobile app is awaited. So after moving out your sol from Binance or any CEX to your solana wallet, go to Stepn and import you wallet using seed phrase (this will be given to you when you make you avana wallet) … and you’re done… to buy sneakers you can transfer sol to spending wallet and for every other operations you can either use your avana wallet or stepn inbuilt wallet.