I cant choose please help

Hello im developer, i wanna start to be developer of blockchain but i cant choose solana or eth? which one is good? i have some reseach; solana has limit 500m it is negative i think. it should be unlimited. am i wrong?

Hi @gokhancava and welcome to the forum! :wave:

I’m not an economics expert, but I think that it is a good thing that there is a maximum to the Solana tokens supply. My understanding is that in order to maintain the value of any token, you have to have factors in the design the prevent infinite inflation. If the token supply could get larger and larger with no limit, it would cause the value of SOL to drop consistently and it would mean that anybody who holds SOL would have it continually losing value as they held it.

Solana has a maximum token limit and controls in place to combat inflation, both of which, I believe, are important to preserving the value of the token in to the future.

It’s worth noting that Bitcoin also has a maximum token supply.

As for the comparison between Solana and Ethereum. I can only compare to Ethereum 1.0, because I don’t know much about Ethereum 2.0, but some big things that seem to make Solana better than Ethereum are:

  • Speed: Solana can perform transactions way faster than Ethereum
  • Gas fees: The gas fees are insane on Ethereum. I couldn’t believe it when the suggested default gas fee to pay just for signing up to an Ethereum freelancing site was $150. Solana transaction fees are capped at $0.01.

I really feel like Solana is going to be one of the blockchains of the future.

Still, Ethereum 2.0 I think is going to be doing some good improvements to speed. I just don’t know a lot about it yet, and it isn’t live yet as far as I know.

The disadvantage of Solana is primarily that it is very new. This means that developer documentation, while very good in many ways, doesn’t have as much practical examples of how to build real apps. There are just a lot more resources for Ethereum development, so it will probably be easier to learn, and there are tools for programming Ethereum smart contracts easier than there are for Solana right now. There is a project that is trying to make Solana programming easier, but it is still new and needs lots of work, so it will be some time before it’s ready.

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I changed my mind. i will continue on solana because solana is the BEST ever!


Cool! Glad I could help you decide. :slight_smile:

If you have any trouble figuring out how to develop on Solana, definitely ask here. I found it a little rough getting started, but I learned a lot while trying to develop my own micro demo app and I might be able to answer some questions.

If you are interested in looking at my code for reference, my first Solana app is here:

It pretty much just allows you to sign in with your wallet and create time slots on a calendar. Then, you can share your calendar link and share it with other users who can sign in and use the calendar link to reserve time slots.

I never got to deploying it on the dev net or anything so you can’t test it live, but you could build it yourself and I’m glad to answer any questions about it.

The very first rule in Fight Club is Do Your Own Research. DYOR. Personally Id say if you arent passionate about the network and the developments filtering through find a chaing that suits you. In no way am I being rude, If the deciding factor is comments above Id personally as a boss question your motives. Ive got a snickers bar if you’ll change youre mind to Eth.

do you have skype? can you add mi @byjameson

I don’t actually have skype, but if you want you can direct message me here on the forum.