I can't recover my Solana token

Hello everyone, few days ago, I sent tokens from one of my Solana Wallet to the other and up till now it hasn’t reflected in the wallet I sent it to, and moreover, the token has left the wallet I sent it from. Which means the token is neither in any of the wallets. My question right now is, “where could the token be?” Pls guys I need help…

I also have same issue, wondering if anyone can help on this. have u checked in Explorer? could you identify the receiver?

I am new in Solana ecosystem, so I don’t really know much, but I tried to scan my wallet, and it showed failed from the wallet I sent from, but the token is still.ot in the wallet.

Hello @firenz88 @King
Your complaint has been received and would be attended to. Kindly visit the Solana support live chat website for more assistance with this ticket Id #VY6023.


Beware of scammers we would never DM you first!

This is a fake ticket ID and a fake solana suppport site.

Isn’t that right, @Marc_dentea (who joined the forum eight hours ago)?

Waiting for your reply …