I have seed phrase but my PC with my sollet wallet was damaged,

I have my seed phrase and the wallet that should be accessible via that seed phrase, however, when I go to recover that wallet, I get other wallets with 0 SOL, while my wallet has some SOL in it. I read that you need your private key in case your PC is damaged, but my PC is damaged and I have no way of recovering that information on it. How do I get access to that wallet?

HI @Firgrex and welcome to the forum! :wave:

If you have your seed phrase and you are 100% sure that it is indeed the correct seed phrase associated to your wallet, then you should absolutely be able to recover your wallet from the seed phrase alone.

Which wallet were you initially using when your PC was damaged, and how did you create it in the first place?

The address is : f4jGDEff2vaVviR1jvjjuoRacSii8kzfWimgPaPa99C
And I created using sollet.io

When trying to recover your key with Sollet there will be a dropdown in the top-right corner of the wallet list that has a few different options, did you try all three of those options to see if any of the derived accounts had SOL in them?

Yes, I tried all three of the types of wallets and none of them match.

That should work. :thinking: Are you 100% sure that you got the seed phrase right. Is there any weird words that you could have gotten wrong. Like maybe using an uppercase I when it was a lowercase l or anything else confusing like that.

Every time this has happened so far with other users there was some reason that the seed phrase was wrong. Either a similar word, or maybe it’s actually the seed phrase to a different wallet, etc.

Yes, I am 100% sure this is right, because I’ve had to recover it on the PC that was broken and this was the seed phrase that worked. It is only now that I cannot access it as I don’t have the private key.

But the private key is generated from the seed phrase. Unless you manually created the private key for the wallet you are trying to recover without using the seed phrase, any private keys you would have had can be completely recovered from the seed phrase that originally generated them.

Did you ever use like an “import private key” button or something similar to create the wallet?

No, I never did anything like that