I just got hacked on Solflare

I just got hacked using Solflare , lost nft’s and SOL and nobody can do nothing about it , talked to support nothing happens, they can’t do nothing they say , i really would recommend you guys to not use it , if i didn’t make some pics lucky for me i was talking to a friend and sending him saying that i bought some NFT’s and so i got proofe that i bought them , but 30 mins later everything drained from my account.

I got more pics but i can’t upload, new member

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Hi @Blendii96 and welcome to the forum. :wave:

So sorry about your loss.

I’m going to warn you now about scammers on the forum who might try to direct message you claiming that they can recover your funds, even thought it’s not possible. Just be on guard.

And again, sorry about your lost tokens! :confused:

I guess i am not the only one the got hacked using Solflare , there is no guarantee at all , or security, i just wanted to warn other people not to use it , because nobody has money to throw out.