I just want to make sure this isn't unusual before I do something dumb

I needed to delete my cookies and cache on my computer. When I went to log back into my Solfare mnemonic wallet I needed to log back in and it required me to type in my mnemonic phrase and password. I of course have that information, but I want to make sure this is normal for having just deleted my cookies. I’d hate to give some hacker that got a keylogger on my computer somehow access to all of my SOL.


Yep that’s normal. Because Sollet.io is a website, it has to store your seed phrase and wallet information in browser local storage or some other browser storage mechanism. When clearing your site data such as cookies and the cache, usually the browser will clear local storage as well, so Sollet won’t remember anything after that and you’ll have to re-enter your seed phrase.

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So I need some help, please.

I tried to recover my wallet by using my mnemonic phrase and it didn’t shoe my normal address as any of the options. I tried changing the derivation path, but it didn’t show my address as any of the options either.

What now?

What wallet did you use when you initially created your wallet address and seed phrase?