I lost all my sol from phantom wallet

I was checking my Solana from phantom wallet and find that all my Solana is gone. It shows on the transactions that it went to another wallet I’ve never seen. In that wallet shows the same time and amount that got taken from me. I’ve seen a similar post having to do with malware but I have an antivirus and I haven’t connected my wallet anywhere else

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J’ai été victime de la même chose

Mes crypto détenue sur mon wallet phantom on toute disparue et ont été vendue en Solana et transférer sur une adresse que je ne connais pas

J’ai également parler avec le support phantom en renseignant l’adresse suspecte mais pas de réponse sur ce qui aurais pu se passer il mon juste dis que j’aurais donner ma phrase secrète ou site frauduleux mais rien de tout ça et non pas voulu enquêter sur ce qui aurais pu se passer donc dans le même cas que toi et je ne sais pas vers qui me tourner

I was the victim of the same

My crypto held on my phantom on wallet all disappeared and were sold in Solana and transferred to an address that I do not know

I also spoke with the phantom support by providing the suspicious address but no answer on what could have happened he just said that I would have given my passphrase or fraudulent site but none of that and not wanted investigate what could have happened so in the same case as you and I don’t know who to turn to


I swear I was just holding my sol normally until i checked it and it was all sent to an unknown address. Do you know if this has anything to do with staking? ive been staking for almost a month now but if that has nothing to do with it, then I dont know what else could’ve happened. I would want to at least get to the bottom of how it got stolen or disappeared

I am identically in the same situation as you and I do not know what can pass and how my tokens could have disappeared and sent to an unknown address which when I look on the explorer solana it turns out that she is sent everything every day the same number of tokens and hold a lot of solana so I’m not the only victim and I really don’t know who to turn to I have called and sent emails all over the place to get an answer but no one answers me and I looked everywhere nobody is in my case until I come across your post and finally thank you someone in the same case that I feel less alone in my misfortune without being resolved

Hi @igotstandards.SOL and @Bilka and welcome to the forum. :wave:

I’m sorry you lost your tokens.

As for how your tokens got hacked, I wrote a post earlier with a breakdown of different ways that I think of that your tokens could get stolen:

My advice would be to use a hardware wallet such as a Ledger Nano S or Nano X. If you make sure that your seed phrase is never put into anything other than your Ledger, nobody will be able to authorize transaction in your wallet without you pressing a button on the Ledger device.

Hardware wallets can do a lot to protect you even if your computer has malware. While a hardware wont protect your if you authorize a malicious transaction, it will prevent transactions from being made without your consent.

You will always have to press that button before a transaction is made.

No, staking wouldn’t have anything to do with it. In order to sign transactions to pull tokens out of your wallet, somebody has to steal your seed phrase or your private key. So that must have happened somehow.

I think the most likely things that happened is either malware, or you accidentally used a fake wallet app. For instance Sollet doesn’t have a mobile app, but people install Android apps that look exactly like Sollet and it steals their funds.

I wouldn’t necessarily trust antivirus software to stop all malware that might be able to steal your crypto. Honestly antivirus software itself seems pretty suspicious to me in general, but that’s probably just me being a little over-suspicious of anybody who makes money by installing something that can take over your machine.

Anyway, I’m really sorry you lost your funds, and I’m sorry that you haven’t felt helped when you ran into this trouble.

Let me know if you have any more questions and I’ll help however I am able.

I’m very sorry for your lost.

Just find out my 62 Solanas are gone for my Phantom Wallet. It was divided in a three different pools. I did spent $14k on my SOL’s I’m in shock. I can’t believe we can’t do anything for it. :cold_sweat:

just happend to me i cant believe that there is not even a contact team or any soloution about our money and safety also i lost one rare idk what to think about phantom really

I’m really sorry you guys lost your money. :confused:

There is a wallet support channel on the Solana Discord channel, but if your funds have been stolen, there’s nothing that can be done about it now, even with a support channel.

Also, while I doubt that this was a failure of Solana or of Phantom, Solana is still technically in beta, and it is an extremely young blockchain. The community is still growing and much of the official Solana efforts are still being invested in simply developing Solana itself. Much of the rest of the ecosystem and support is still growing and catching up.

When you store your crypto in a wallet that you own the keys for ( like Phantom ), you are taking responsibility for your own safety. You hold the keys to your money and nobody else is able to keep it safe.

While it is Phantom’s job to be secure itself, it cannot protect your seed phrase or keys from anywhere else that you might put them. If you pasted your seed phrase into a password manager in your browser, while you had a malicious browser extension ( of which there are many ) installed, then that malicious browser extension could have stolen your seed phrase and there is nothing Phantom can do about that.

If it was a browser extension, then your computer’s malware scanner probably wouldn’t have picked it up. Also, it’s impossible for anti-virus software to pick up every kind of malware from everywhere.

I really am sorry about your lost funds, and I’m not trying to make you feel worse, I’m just wanting to point out that when you hold your own crypto keys it’s a very different kind of situation than a bank, for instance. When somebody steals your credit card, you can just call the bank and tell them that your card was stolen and they can even chargeback money that they spent in some cases. You are trusting the bank to control your money, which is convenient and you are depending on them to secure your funds.

When you hold your own crypto keys however, you are responsible, and that responsibility carries a great weight if you put a lot of money into that wallet. It takes greater security measures than it does to log into Netflix or Facebook securely. If somebody steals your keys, there’s nothing you, or anybody else in the world, can do to give you your funds back.

That’s why I recommend hardware wallets and getting rid of any browser extensions you don’t need or don’t trust.

Anyway, I’m not sure if anything I said is actually helpful to you or not. I can’t get your money back, but hopefully it sheds some light on what dangers there are in crypo and how it’s not necessarily the fault of Solana or Phantom that your funds were stolen.

Good luck in the future. :+1:

yo ty for the answer but the way i got hacked its unbelivable i didint even use my pc for days and when i got back everything is missing so i send to phantom that they are their to job to keep our stuff safe when we dont use the wallet

I just connected my phantom Wallet to Cops game, and then all my money went to an account, don’t know how to Get hjem back
Please help

Hi @Isak and welcome to the forum. :wave:

I’m sorry, but if somebody has stolen your money you can’t get it back. Transactions are irreversible. Sorry for your lost funds! :confused:

Someone has stolen all the SOL and NFTs from Phantom wallet, using browser extension, turns out it can be easily hacked. This makes the traders loose confident about the ecosystem…

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