I need support, please

Is there any tool to add Metamask wallet easily, can anyone tell me?

Hello are you new too?. By tool do you mean for developing or adjust for consumption and trading. I don’t know much but I can try to help however I can

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Hi @Vivian and welcome to the forum! :wave:

Could you describe more of what you are wanting to accomplish?

Do you want a way to connect to Metamask in your web application?

You can download and install the MetaMask extension from the official website of the metamask.io project, but it’s better to do it through the Chrome store.
We are looking for a search in the store “MetaMask”
We need an extension with metamask.io source.
Click install. Next, the application will ask for several permissions - we agree. This is required to connect to and interact with sites.
Next, we see that the application is installed and the fox’s head begins to follow the cursor on the screen. Click “Get Started” and proceed to create a wallet.
There are several ways to replenish MetaMask:
-replenish from the Internet exchanger;
-buy Ethereum from built-in services;
-buy on the stock exchange and transfer to the wallet;
-transfer from another address.
How to cleate you wallet

  1. Select “create wallet”
  2. You will be prompted to agree that the service will track your activities. You can unsubscribe now or later - in the settings
  3. Create a password and agree to the terms of service
  4. View a mini-manual about what a “recovery phrase” is and how to use it to restore your wallet. Click “Next”
  5. On the next page, you will need to copy the passphrase. To see it, click on the picture with the lock. Save the phrase to a file and hide it in a safe place. Then click “Next”.
  6. Next, you need to confirm your secret phrase - choose the words in the correct sequence. When you do this, the “Confirm” button will become active. Click it.
  7. Click the “Done” button!
    On the next page, you will see your wallet.
    Hope this coment will help you