I send USDC from binance to mint address. how to recover it?

I an new to sollet wallet and send 400 USDC from binance to sollet wallet. I just send usdc to the address that is pop up on sollet wallet when i clicked on USDC. the fund is not arrived in my account. i call the binance support and finally come to know that the fund is credited on USDC mint address. Can anyone help me how to contact the support team of SOL? can anyone tell me is it possible to get back the fund .
the address i send usdc is EPjFWdd5AufqSSqeM2qN1xzybapC8G4wEGGkZwyTDt1v
Tidx 3VDTk68EVHNECGm75rh7ti5GGoh2aZd1jUvechwa9fYmBv42Qqu7t29RnpmXWSLRnsPH43HjPsFFyXD3w79Cki6x

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Unfortunately I believe your tokens are lost.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think that the USDC mint address is controlled by a smart contract that is in charge of issuing USDC tokens. Because the smart contract owns the address that you sent your tokens to, no human is able to control that account and give you your tokens back.

Again, though, I’m not 100% sure. As a final recourse you can reach out to Solana support on discord. But first a warning:

:warning: Warning: Telegram and Discord and other messaging platforms are a haven for people trying to scam you. Never give anybody your seed phrase or private key. Even support officials and admins will never ask for your seed phrase or private key. And never use a wallet app that you have not used before if somebody asks you to. They will fake a real wallet and use the fake wallet to steal all of your tokens.

Sorry I don’t have better news, I hope you can get your tokens back!

Are you able to recover the token? Same problem here. :unamused:

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