I send USDC from Hotbit to Phantom but can't get anything and search transaction data. Plz help me!

Hello. I send from HOTBit Exchange to Phantom wallet about 632.77 USDC at 2022-04-08 17:53:19
But I didn’t get any USDC yet.
This is my Blockchain transaction data.
When I search on solana explorer, it shows it can’t be searched.

I uploaded my transaction data at Hotbit exchange. Plz help me ASAP!!!


Hi @Babydev and welcome to the forum. :wave:

If the Solana explorer doesn’t show the transaction, then I believe that means it was never completed.

You probably need to contact Hotbit support to see what happened on their side.

@Babydev how are you and are you still facing the issue?

yes i have the same problem, process id is not visible

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