I sent to a wrong valid phatom address

Hi there i need some help,

i have sent accidentally 50 SOL to a valid solana address. long story short i manually entered a wrong address with 44 characters…all correct except for 1 character. since i was using phantom…i intentionally put the last character wrongly and it showed invalid address and i corrected it. But the 2nd letter is actually wrong.

now that i checked the details of the wrong address i sent to, i see that its an inactive account sitting there with no transaction history of any sort.

what can i do? it seems that nobody is using this address account. but it somewhat exits

Unfortunately, once a transaction has been initiated it is permanent in less than a second. Your tokens are lost and there isn’t a way to recover them.

For many addresses, Solana has no way of knowing whether or not the account actually exists, because the account could have been created offline by somebody who has never connected to the Solana network before.

Since nobody has the private key to the account that you transferred the tokens to, nobody will be able to transfer the tokens back.

So sorry for your loss!

Also, as always:

:warning: Warning: Telegram, Discord, and other possible support channels are a haven for people trying to scam you. Never give anybody your seed phrase or private key. Even support officials and admins will never ask for your seed phrase or private key. And never use a wallet app that you have not used before if somebody asks you to. They will fake a real wallet and use the fake wallet to steal all of your tokens.

Are you telling me that, every wallet has a unique seed phrase paired to it before its ever assigned?

Yes, pretty much.

For each possible wallet address, there should be a private key ( and seed phrase ) that would match that address, it’s just that nobody knows what it is, because you can’t figure out the private key from the public address.

Simple cryptography!

I don’t understand why the blockchain will say the address is legit, or valid rather when it doesn’t exist, until the moment that you’ve already sent crypto to it… Seems like a MAJOR drawback and it happens often.

It’s because of this scenario:

I’m a user that generates a seed phrase 100% offline. I take those random 24 words and I generate a public wallet address from it. I’m still offline.

Now I can write that public wallet address on a paper, mail it to a friend, and he can send me crypto using that address, without me ever having connected to the internet or done anything online. But I still need to be able to receive my funds and it is still perfectly valid for my 100% offline wallet to get crypto.

But a practical step that is ironically taken by the Solana CLI, but not any wallets that I know of, is to warn you when you try to send tokens to a wallet that doesn’t have any tokens in it. If it doesn’t have any tokens in it, then maybe that wasn’t the wallet you thought it was. A simple warning dialogue would suffice, and voila! It would prevent a lot of accidents I think.

an offline wallet would have a transaction on the blockchain at some point, at minimum a creation date. What you’re saying is that, the account existed offline, but never on the blockchain until you mistakenly added crypto to it. BUT when you look at the wallet address history, there is NOTHING except for the exact amount you sent to the address, and no prior history on the blocktime and block of the single transaction. contradicting.

I read that there is supposed to be a dialogue warning if you’re sending to a wallet with a 0 balance.

I’m not sure if I understand what you are saying.

A wallet is “created” the first time it gets some SOL.

So if I were to pick 24 random words and use a program to compute the public address of my wallet from the random 24 words, I would have “created” a wallet, and I don’t have to do anything on the blockchain to do that. At this point there would be nothing on the blockchain regarding my wallet. No transaction history or anything.

But people can still send money to that address. The first time somebody sends SOL to that wallet, the blockchain will now have the first transaction for that wallet and that is the first thing that ever happened on the blockchain.

An offline wallet does not need to have a creation date on the blockchain. It can exist totally without the blockchain. It’s just a bunch of numbers that can be computed from a seed phrase, without needing the blockchain or the internet.

I understand now. I was told elsewhere, that a wallet could be created by a transaction to an inactive wallet id, and to determine the wallet creation date, reference the transaction block info.

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