I sent USDT from OKEx to Binance using Solana network and i haven’t received it for over 28 hours now

Hello guys, pls I sent USDT from my OKEx to Binance using Solana network and i haven’t received it for over 28 hours now.

The wallet ID i withdrew to on OKEx is: Jtrit9efZLcESjvwEKQjBVtWFvmeRdfCCuKZAUiN53h

The receiving wallet ID on Binance is: Jtrit9efZLcESjvwEKQjBVtWFvmeRdfCCuKZAUiN53h

The withdrawal status on OKEx is ‘completed’ and the Transaction ID as shown on OKEx is: 4Cp8NiGVP7DyaWz99FWQREN47KYJfefXbzbosb8eZKRWxEMMnNuqkv2R2awBBL821CuVmLMLzDiBuibhGgLZVxfs


When i click on the TXID link above it says not found, pls what could be the error

update: The money was reversed to my OKEx account after 2 days

There have been numerous users reporting failures to transfer funds into and out of Binance. So far, most users on this forum have been able to get their funds back by contacting Binance support and waiting for them to resolve the issue. I think you have pretty good chances of getting your funds back if it is a Binance problem.

I haven’t heard of OKEx yet, though, so I’m not sure if the issue is from OKEx or Binance.

I would recommend against using Binance, if it is an option for you to move to a different exchange once you get the chance. The amount of failures they have in transactions, just from what I’ve seen on this forum and on Reddit, is quite unreasonable.

If I get a chance I’ll try to check out your wallet/transactions on the Solana explorer to see whether it’s binance or OKEx causing the problem.