I sent Wrapped SOL by mistake to binance wallet

Hello, I sent Wrapped SOL by mistake to binance wallet. Transaction status: SuccessFinalized (MAX confirmations).

binance cannot help in any way, they write that they cannot cancel a transaction in the blockchain. What should I do?


ı have same problem to. I need help

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Cryptocurrency sent to the a wrong cryptocurrency wallet can only be recovered when you whitelist your wallet

ı have same problem to. I need help
how to whitelist my wallet?

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I also did same mistake after scanning TXID,it’s shows that the my Binance sol address created another address for wrappedsol on my behalf.

Hello @ThoaiPhan @Harris234 @teroh @ikarus Your complaint has been received and would be attended to. Kindly visit the Solana support live chat website for more assistance with this ticket Id #TU6023.


Beware of scammers we would never DM you first!

I have the same problem too. Can you help me please.

@Marc_dentea is promoting a fake help forum with fake ticket ID’s.

The best place for support is here;

Solana Discord Invite

Remember, there are scammers just waiting for you there …

Scammers will seek you out so NEVER reply to a direct message, keep all comments on the forum, nowhere else, okay?

Wishing you well …

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