I sent Wrapped SOL by mistake to binance wallet

Hello, I sent Wrapped SOL by mistake to binance wallet. Transaction status: SuccessFinalized (MAX confirmations).

binance cannot help in any way, they write that they cannot cancel a transaction in the blockchain. What should I do?


ı have same problem to. I need help

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Cryptocurrency sent to the a wrong cryptocurrency wallet can only be recovered when you whitelist your wallet

ı have same problem to. I need help
how to whitelist my wallet?

I also did same mistake after scanning TXID,it’s shows that the my Binance sol address created another address for wrappedsol on my behalf.

I have the same problem too. Can you help me please.

@Marc_dentea is promoting a fake help forum with fake ticket ID’s.

The best place for support is here;

Solana Discord Invite

Remember, there are scammers just waiting for you there …

Scammers will seek you out so NEVER reply to a direct message, keep all comments on the forum, nowhere else, okay?

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Did you ever figure this out. I just did the same thing w/ KuCoin.

Hi, I made the same mistake by posting to Gate exchange.

did you find a solution? Is your problem solved?

I’m sorry folks, your tokens are almost surely lost.

It would take a serious change in procedure for these exchanges to take the actions required to send your tokens back to you, and there’s no way that anybody, even the Solana Foundation can cancel transactions.

It is only within the power of the exchanges you sent the tokens to to send them back, but they are almost surely not going to help you.

So sorry about that! :confused:

More in-depth explanation here: