I withdrawal my SOL to RAY address, please help


I made a huge mistake, I bought SOL from Binance and then made a withdrawal SOL to my RAY address

I am using MathWallet, I have seed words

I see my SOL on another SOL address

This is my withdrawal transaction: Explorer | Solana

My SOL address: 4yHLN65eeQHji6N2sEFtTiyeuPuDvGHujwgwePM43o8E

My RAY address: 4KdugQEM8i8CHiRUaWSUz5d1WFnCY49zdNAZLzVDBCNT

Now, I saw my SOL is in this SOL address: C6cHHEmbUwvDucZ72873eFHTWpRdhRVNvCGtSwzcbDJg

Please help, thanks a lot

Hello, is your problem solved, I also encountered the same problem :sleepy:

Hello, I accidentally mentioned the USDT assets of the SOL chain to the USDC address of the SOL chain on the exchange. What should I do now? This is my transaction hash: 3C1PjwwAFdeLNVNcmPZdMTeWd9ysUw3CrpKUmabT8LYC18nWzwyX2ugXgTjDu6UURrUeaj8eE5TKdQXqSwZ27BCd
please help me.
This is the USDC address of my SOL chain: 7d9ciCtfMnisXpNwunS4K5nHny6d8uJtW7fAVDv8u1L7
You can see the USDT assets that I transferred wrong