I would like to explore the idea of a geolocation blockchain over solana XYO alike

Hello everyone,

The idea of this post is to explore with technical background people and crypto economics experts the possibilities to replicate the infrastructure of the XYO into the solana blockchain and its monetization. I believe there is a lot of possibilities on this technologies, I really like the tech involved and I like the algorithm. But it has a fatal failure and if I’m here asking you already know what is.

I do have an idea for monetization and scalable crypto-economic for the everyday and real world. I have background on coding (10+ years) but not in blockchain development and even less over solana. Im catching up.

I also have tons of doubts but I believe I landed over an interesting and very cool community.

Stay tuned for your comments.

Hey @DevJohnB and welcome to the forum! :wave:

I’m glad you think Solana is cool! :slight_smile: I really, really like Solana and think that it’s the most promising Blockchain out there right now.

I hadn’t heard of XYO until you mentioned it, so I don’t really have any great insight into it’s design specifically, but I do have a good grasp on Solana, so let me know if you have any Solana questions!

Unfortunately, you’ll find that there aren’t hardly any developers on this forum answering questions. It seems like all the devs are on Discord ( beware of scammers on Discord never give anybody your seed phrase ).

I would love to have great discussions like this on the forum where it is easier to share and organize ideas, but there just isn’t an active community here for some reason. I’ve been doing my best to help, but Discord is probably a better bet to find somebody who could speak to your use-case.

Again, though, feel free to ask me any Solana questions here!