💡 Idea: Browser Extension to Warn About Known Scam Sites

A new user here @lionel ( welcome to the forum! :wave: ) just posted a site they ran into that is a scam:

I was just thinking how this is good to know, but the chances that that forum topic helps somebody is a little slim.

So, what if we had a database of known scam sites, and then a browser extension that would warn you if you tried to go to a site in that list? It seems like it might be useful.

We could have some sort of procedure for getting a site on the scam site list, maybe it would need review from a trusted individual or something like that.

Anyway, just a random thought to throw out there. :smile:

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This is a great idea but in reality thieves move at the speed of light and as fast as a scam site is launched and discovered, they remove it and create another one. So it would be extremely difficult to keep an updated data base for warning unexpecting users.

Some things we can all do is get educated on the blockchain and crypto projects so we are able to spot acams ourselves very quickly. If someone is new to the area of crypto i would recommend not doing anything until you learn the most common ways people get scammed!

Hi @CryptoNaire and welcome to the forum! :wave:

I agree that the chances of us catching scams very will would still be low. But it could still help in some situations, because, for instance, a bunch of people kept getting scammed by the same fake NFT drop site, and people just keep getting tricked by it. So in the cases where the same sight is fallen for by multiple users it might help a little bit.

Apparently somebody did start a scam site list, but I don’t know how much it has helped or not:

Yeah, I totally agree. I think education is really the most important piece.

Part of the issue is that people now-a-days aren’t used to being actually responsible for their own safety.

People can just reset their password if they lose it, or chargeback their bank account if their credit cared is stolen, but in crypto it’s a whole other story, and lots of people aren’t ready to take their security of their funds in their own hands, and they don’t realize it until it’s too late.

Plus, even for me, who is really good at picking up new ecosystems and things, I totally understand how confusing the whole thing can be.

So many people just throwing out buzzwords, often not interested in really giving users an understanding of what’s happening.


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