If I stake SOL, and that validator's computer or hard drive crashed

I was wondering, let’s say I stake 99 SOL on a validator, and then his computer crashed or his accidentally formatted his hard drive, then are we protected against this?

That is, during the initial state of we starting to stake, to it being staked, and then to when we unstake, if there is any problem with the validator’s computer or hard drive, are we protected? Are the records also present on all the Solana nodes?

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This would probably be a good question to ask on Discord where there are more developers, just be very wary of scams on Discord and never give anybody your seed phrase or private key.

The records will be present on the other Solana nodes, so it doesn’t threaten the stability of the network and the ledger data won’t be lost. What I’m not 100% sure about is whether or not you stand to lose any funds because eventually Solana will implement slashing, which will burn tokens staked in validators that don’t behave well in order to penalize bad actors.

Right now slashing isn’t implemented, so I don’t think there’s any risk of you losing your tokens, even if a validator goes down, but it might be different in the future.

Again, somebody probably knows more somewhere on Discord, but if you find out the forum community would appreciate it if you posted back here!

because Discord tends to be “at that moment” and if mikemike222 tells you an answer, how do you know you should trust that answer from mikemike222 at 1:03pm? That answer is also going to disappear from public view in about 2 hours (unless people dig through the chat history)…

However, if there is a dedicated channel with Solana developer, and some people can say who the official people there are, maybe there is more credit to the answer. I still don’t like the fact that the answer will disappear from the public in about 1 to 2 hours.

I totally agree with the superiority of the forum for these kinds of questions, but the unfortunate scenario right now is that I’m the only person actually answering questions on the forum, and what I shared was the extent of my current knowledge, so the best place for more info is either doing more of your own research or asking on Discord.

The forum needs more love, but it seems like most of the people on Discord think that the forum isn’t worth their time, so it is left largely un-used by people who know the answers to many questions.

I’ve been doing my best to help the situation, but if I don’t know an answer to somebody’s question, I usually suggest discord, because the chance of somebody else answering the question on the forum is slim right now.

ok, I will try Discord… if I can make it to work… last time it asked me to verify by my phone, and then when I enter my phone number, it says the phone number is already in use… Discord sometimes give me headaches

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