I'm looking for rust backend developer to create smart contracts and connect wallet for payment

I’m looking for backend developer to connect wallet with for payment on solana.

Hi @TISCO234 and welcome to the forum! :wave:

Depending on what your use-case is, I might be able to help you, can you describe more of what you’re trying to accomplish? Like what kind of site you are trying to connect?

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Hey, so I’m building a Solana NFT marketplace. I need an experienced rust developer (not a team) you will be creating smart contracts, adding functionality to the frontend which is built in react js

The frontend is not fully complete yet and I have a frontend team still constantly working on it so you will collaborate with the frontend team to help create this backend, I strongly recommend using metaplex, we currently do not have a backend built or started yet.

The frontend is built in react js

You’ll be doing way more than creating a smart contract, you’ll be adding a lot of the functionalities that metaplex has into the backend

First task: make the “Connect wallet” actually function, where the user can connect their Solana wallet

Ah, OK. Unfortunately I’m not open to working on NFT marketplaces, because I’m not comfortable with a lot of the artwork people make, but there has been some other developers on here, @james recently, who says he has blockchain development experience, so he might be able to help.


Thanks @zicklag for reference

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