Inflation Candidate Nominees and Next Steps

Hi Solana Community!

We’re happy to announce that the Nomination Period of the community process to enable inflation on Mainnet-Beta has closed and we have received 12 nominations. Thank you to everyone who submitted! All of the Nomination PRs that were submitted during this timeframe are currently in the process of being merged into the latest release v1.4.26.

The final list of Inflation Candidates is:

Inflation Candidate Vote Address
bl HRzoLj4jufnYEWosm9kWVgBVFdxAuqB1hu7vLckCuQHa
buburuza 4qp2VKAPgmi53N7DkobejdbPgkpP2316mSAZnKaWeDtR
bunghi E9hFUVEz29H8XMXk7ygk7ZpCuEuZQ8DJvJKJSTGu1RM6
certusone BzBBveUDymEYoYzcMWNQCx3cd4jQs7puaVFHLtsbB6fm
diman 9fHeFGjnequiB366D28ELiAQQ6vqzxwxgsATJ5ELxEvd
lowfeevalidation DcbTexLyN3fM3Y6UtteiYEpgDPbr3PrapczHYFagTPci
nam Hb6tvjY81EmgapxNS4dos1v8Q2RSjQABphu7cnzM4ELa
p2pvalidator 89xUFJyCb3JQ7WbYBK4vza5uyCCTXXv8UQEUCQjo4SbC
rockx 8DaPPAGV9mf1YCHzrettgSMFcAT1ePtS3GSGfYka9Rjw
sotcsa EgoekfqCYoraFE5ZkiECGQ945Y5rGBXh3n85sQPuR85r
stakeconomy JCergKv4GcywaBzn4JHi3sYJfG7mWenTG3QQDNUJiGS4
w3m H44JGZCFs9uViWBeC8LodrbCn8VWjg8GkjtdeRx4LCLM

Whats Next?

  1. The v1.4.26 release will be announced on Discord and validators will have the option to upgrade to this version.

  2. We wait for 95% of validator-stake, along with exchange and partner nodes, to upgrade to v1.4.26

  3. The Voting Period will then begin when the Solana Foundation activates the Inflation Candidate Feature Proposals and publishes the list of Inflation Candidates along with their Acceptance Addresses to be used in the voting process. Upon activating the Feature Proposals the Foundation will:

    • Generate Vote-SPL tokens for each candidate Feature Proposal
    • Distribute each set of Vote-SPL tokens across the active validator set in 1:1 proportion to the amount of stake delegated to each validator
  4. Validators can then send the Vote-SPL tokens to the candidate Acceptance Address to register their votes for that candidate.

    • Note: Validators will have Vote-SPL tokens for each candidate and are free to vote for as many candidates as they desire.
  5. Once any Inflation Candidate receives >66% of their Vote-SPL tokens deposited in their Acceptance Address, the feature will be activated and that candidate will be able to submit a command to enable inflation on Mainnet-Beta: solana feature activate <inflation.json>

So what do I do right now?

If you’re an inflation candidate, feel free to start campaigning in this thread if you’d like.

If you’re a Mainnet Beta validator, keep an eye on Discord for the v1.4.26 release.

Otherwise, keep an eye on Discord and these forums when we announce the details of the Voting Period (steps 3-5 above).

How much longer do we have to wait for inflation?

The timeline of the rest of the process is hard to estimate because it is out of the Foundations control. But we estimate the following

  • v1.4.26 released today: Feb 5th
  • 95% of validators, exchanges and partners upgraded: Feb 7th or 8th
  • Voting Period starts: Feb 8th or 9th
  • Assuming successful vote, inflation on Mainnet Beta the following epoch so: Feb 9th - Feb 11th
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Thank you @eric and Solana Foundation for this milestone, humbled and excited to be one of candidate(s) to help move our community & network to next phase: Inflation ON

If you’re one of the candidate nominees, do consider voting for me (& any one else you wish).

I have listed my Inflation-Candidate and Vote-Address for your ease.

w3m	H44JGZCFs9uViWBeC8LodrbCn8VWjg8GkjtdeRx4LCLM


Hi, I’m so interested in Solana and Inflation Candidate process. You (validators) can vote for me and the other, I’m a single developer and running a dedicated server to contact with Solana network, if I get elected, I will initiate the inflation process as step 5

Here is my candidate vote address:

nam	Hb6tvjY81EmgapxNS4dos1v8Q2RSjQABphu7cnzM4ELa

Best wishes,