Informations needed for a beginner Validator

Hello Solana Community,

A friend and I bought a powerful computer to mine Chia and we are thinking to upgrade our 64Gb of RAM into 128Gb in order to become Solana’s validator.

My English is not that great and I don’t understand the reward of doing it, can someone explain to me simply, please?

PS 1: I have checked this link but I don’t see anything about rewards there (Validator Information Thread)
PS2 :I have personally some Solana that I am staking on FTX but my friend don’t

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Warning: My comment represents my current understanding of Solana and may not be 100% accurate.

As far as I understand, when you run a validator, you have to get people to stake tokens in your validator. The more tokens that people have staked in your validator, the more likely that it will be chosen to vote on blocks.

When your validator votes on blocks, I think it gets rewarded tokens that will get distributed to the people who put stake in your validator, but you, as the validator, get to set a commission that you will charge on all token rewards generated by your validator. This commision is how you get rewarded in tokens for running a validator.

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