Is it easy to start a cryptocurrency exchange like LocalBitcoins?

Yes. Crypto startups can launch a crypto exchange like localbitcoins easily when using a localbitcoins clone script. Because it is predeveloped, feature-filled and pre-tested software that can be deployed in just 10 days.

  1. The development process would be simple if you have a proper roadmap. Yes, by proceeding with the following 10 simple steps, you business people can start a p2p cryptocurrency exchange like LocalBitcoins easily.
  2. Do market research and arrive at a unique crypto exchange business strategy.
  3. Determine the operational region. Not all countries approve of cryptocurrencies.
  4. Design matters. It is how you attract crypto traders in the most effective way.
  5. Hire a legal team of counselors to avoid legal penalties.
  6. Find a reliable LocalBitcoins clone script and the respective provider. It will help you manage the business and technical parts simultaneously.
  7. Partner with a leading payment processor. Increases credibility among your crypto traders.
  8. Ensure to have strong security features in your crypto exchange.
  9. Do beta testing to eliminate any potential bugs while deploying.
  10. Have a customer support channel to help your crypto traders.

Among all these steps, choosing the right localbitcoins clone script provider is the most crucial step. Working on that factor itself will let your crypto exchange development drive in a hassle-free way.

So how to work on that?

Technically, you have to consider many factors when it comes to choosing a reliable cryptocurrency exchange script provider such as portfolio, ratings, reviews, quality of the script, years of experience they have, and many more. Also, there are numerous p2p cryptocurrency exchange script providers present in the market. Narrowing down the list based on the above factors is indeed a tedious task and it requires a lot of effort.

Worry not, I have worked on the above factors and curated a list of top p2p cryptocurrency exchange script providers . According to the list, CoinsQueens holds the topmost position. Seems, they are providing featured-filled LocalBitcoins clone scripts at affordable costs. They have been helping crypto startups and entrepreneurs in developing and deploying p2p crypto exchange platforms like LocalBitcoins, Paxful, and Remitano at the best market rates.

You can contact their Blockchain experts via,

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As it is clear that the Localbitcoins clone script enables you to launch a well-defined P2P crypto exchange with ease. Once after establishing a P2P crypto exchange, you’ll be all set for beginning your business. After making it through the initial phase and your marketing phase, more users will be starting to flow to your P2P crypto exchange. That’s where your journey begins. Here are some of the revenue-generating methods,

Revenue generation streams

  • Fiat deposit/Crypto withdrawal fee

Well, after attaining a reasonable amount of users for your crypto exchange, they’ll be starting to engage themselves with the trading where they’ll be required to deposit some amount of fiat money in their account. A minimal percentage can be charged for them by the admin of the exchange (you). Once after getting done with their transactions, some may wish to withdraw the bought cryptocurrencies. A certain percentage can also be claimed for this action.

  • Advertisement fee

You know that P2P crypto exchange is meant for making transactions with high privacy, so the users will be required to post their requirements in the form of ads. For that, a negligible percentage can be claimed from the admin side.

  • Listing fee

This fast-growing world and technology haven’t settled for any average moves. As it multiplies rapidly, there emerge new cryptocurrencies every day and some of them might prefer to list them on your exchange. In turn, you could offer them a price as a fee for listing their new cryptocurrencies.

As mentioned above, these are some sort of the ways where this Localbitcoins clone script acts as a pillar for generating revenue for your business. After recognizing its real potential and efficiency all you have to do is to choose the best Localbitcoins clone script. Which enlightens your crypto exchange business further and takes it to the next level. Obviously, a featured service can be availed by reaching a professional provider. That’s how to experience the above-mentioned revenue one should attain the Localbitcoins clone script from a standard crypto exchange software provider.