Is it possible to get my Solana back from this transaction if so then how?

Hi dear,

I have recently done the solanadrop nft challenge, that was on this website

But lost a whole solana. Is it possible to get my sent Solana back and how?

Here below I sent the link of my transaction:

With kind greetings

Yes it is possible to get lost or stolen transactions back , how much did you loose ?

I have lost about 1.25+ solana in this transaction

How is it possIble to get it back???

Is it possible to get it back , are you ready to pay the gas fee for reversal

yes i am ready to pay the gas fee, but how much will it be?

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Well, for most scenario’s it usually varies … It all boils down to the volume of the initial transactions…

Normally cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible but you can send a DM. So i can help you resolve the pending issue in few days…

do not reply and solana they are both scam

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I lost all my token too. How i can get it back. I keep getting replies from random people from solana but not sure if they are admin or not.
I lost all my token when claiming NFT and when i went to mint and connected my ledger all my funds disapeard

Check your DM…check your DM

@ssh999 do not listen to @S0lANA he is a scam

you are a scam stop trying to steal from SOL users

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i will flag you now @S0LANA

See who just join and claiming devmod

Hi there, were you able to get your tokens back? Same thing happened to me.

Hello I told you I can help you

S0LANA is a scammer, don’t fall for his bullshit. You can take a look at my most recent post if you need proof.

Oke CaptainCsaba, where can I find your post?

On this post: Creation Solana NFT-s one by one. Where to start? - #20 by CaptainCsaba
Emery confirms my suspicions. You can see what happens if you do what he says. It is an obvious scam.