Is it Scam or Real?

I have received a call from the “Cyber Crime Response Agency” stating that the money i lost in trading froex with a company back in 2019 was all demo, and my money was invested in SOL blackchain and they will send me back the money.
The told me everything about my investment, the amount, the email and dates, they wanted proof of them so they match it and send me the lost fund.

i sent them my bank transfer, proof of address and my Passport ID, so they said all details match and now i should create a Phatom wallet so they send me the money i lost.

I created the wallet and sent them the address and recieved from them a proof of fund and a strange token called USDbitcoin which was minted on the SOL network 1 month ago

The newely minted Token has no vlue or liqudity so i can not swap it with any other real token and still it is not on the market.

The main authority owner of this wallet AWmaVu6FYFwhWumNvyTn6v2YR8mvetbKUPa2ErMdWygE who sent to around 80 something wallet addresses.

I have the proof of address signed by the co-founder of SOL Anatoly Yakovenko stating that it is legally eraned …etc

So how can we know more about those people, are they legit, what is it they want if the issue was a scam, are they able to use our documents to claim money from other places.

The whole story seems very strange and i need to find a way to validate them.
Anybody with any information would really help

Hi @amajzoub and welcome to the forum. :wave:

That was absolutely a scam, and they arranged it so they could steal your private information.

I’m not sure what they plan to use your information for. I’m not sure if they could try to use your passport ID, for instance, to steal your identity or get into your bank or other things like that.

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Hello @zicklag
They called me just now exlaining what is that Token.

They said it is a SPL token, that in order for me to transfer that SPL Token into SOL i have to insert enough SOL (Amount of Token/SOL Price) in my wallet and it will automatically trnasfer the SPL Token into SOL Coins.

I am still afraid that if i transfer enough SOL to my wallet, this SPL token will burn my SOL amount. Is that possible?

Hope anybody can explain to me.

as soon as you put any sol into that wallet and sign on the spl they will take all of your sol. don’t do it. They can do it. Browse this forum and you will find plenty of stories of exactly that happening.


Can you send me any topic you read faced same issue.

You said I will find but I tried and couldn’t find same case.

For example if I put the sol the transaction should be approved by me, so it will show the fees of such transactions. So if I see it is the whole AOL I would not approve it. Does that make sense!

Alaa Majzoub

If you sent them all that information above, then, almost surely, they have complete control over your wallet. I’m not sure what “proof of address” was, or if you gave them your seed phrase, or if you just connected your wallet to one of their sites.

But nobody legitimately asks you to transfer SOL to someplace for them for it to convert into something else.

There isn’t any special interaction between SOL and SPL tokens, unless you are connecting to a Solana web app which specifically interacts with those tokens.

SPL tokens won’t burn SOL and SOL won’t burn SPL tokens, but these people you are talking to are 100% scams, and they may have compromised your wallet, so following any of their instructions leaves you at risk of losing your crypto, or worse, having your identity stolen and them stealing more than your crypto.