Is Sol22 Giveaway a Scam?

Hello Guys,
I saw a YT Livestream from two guys talking about this Sol22 Giveaway. Somewhere between and a couple hundred maybe up to 4k viewers. I can’t find the Live stream in my “latest watch” section…

Well I went on the site and it looked pretty legit, so I sent them 1 Solana Token on January 10th which was around 120-130€. The website stated that everypayment would immediately get send back. And double amount if you would sent them over 25 sol or something.

Please send me the Money back if it wasn’t a Scam and otherwise try and warn others so they don’t fall for it. was their Website.
This was their paymentadress: 7jBSKQPGEx1eFwpMgzAQnygB9WezYit78c6oWWLsmeWz

This is my Transaction ID: LEMDZN-RYSSP-WRTYSG
This is my Wallet “adress”: Fgw9mrdnM9ZX2jGBkkYKza3DR7aqmChmUk2DtvQVbAYh
Hit me up if you can help here:

Thanks for caring

Hi @Erik and welcome to the forum. :wave:

That definitely sounds sketchy to me. I can’t come up with any reason somebody would just double your SOL without anything in it from them. I’m pretty sure it’s a scam, and I’ve heard about other scams that work just like how you described.

They use a YouTube video and a bunch of bot accounts to create comments, likes, viewers, etc. for the video to make it look legit, often including videos or pictures of some well-known person such as the Solana founder to make it look even more convincing.

So far, checking the balance of the payment address you showed, it looks like nobody else has sent any SOL to them, which is good, but I think your money is probably lost, unless they get back to you and send it back. Sorry about that.

Thanks for the Information, I learned my lesson. Good thing I didn’t send them more.

Have great Day :slight_smile:

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