Is solana mining a scam?

Is there SOLANA mining platform guys.

And if yes, why are they changing their wallet address in every second once you click to deposit?

There’s no such thing as “mining” Solana, so the mining platform is almost surely a scam.

Solana is what’s called a Proof of Stake blockchain which means that people run servers called “validators” to produce more SOL, instead of running mining rigs.

Sorry if you lost any funds!

Does SOLANA have an investment platform where if you buy 0.1 of SOLANA in one month you get 0.15?

Hmm, I don’t know. That sounds suspicious.

Where did you find that app/website?

Also, if anybody says that your wallet is stored on their servers, then that means that they could take over all your funds if they wanted to.

That’s technically how even legitimate centralized exchanges work, but it gives you instant reason to be way more suspicious. The Solana Foundation is usually very focused on decentralization where you control your money, so if they say that they are holding your funds on their nodes, then that really doesn’t sound like something that the Solana foundation designed.