Is there a set-up guide for Solana stateless-asks?

HI all,

I created an spl token (fungible) and I want to offer a smart contract-based solution for token buyers to swap for USDC and USDT.

I came across Solana stateless-asks:

There is no link to a set-up guide.

Even google searching does not hit to any guides on this.

  1. Can this be used as a simple swap mechanism at a fixed price?
  2. Is there any set-up guide on this anywhere?
  3. If there is no guide, can somebody write a basic guide here so that everyone here can benefit

Best regards

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Thank you for posting a legitimate question to this forum, but these days nobody is really attending here but spammers. I get a list of summary topics once a week and noticed yours standing out amongst all the unmoderated spam. So don’t feel bad if you don’t get an answer to your question: I think it’s a good one but unfortunately I can’t answer it. :sunglasses: