Is white label crypto exchange software beneficial for startups?

Cryptocurrencies are playing a crucial role in this modern ecosystem. As a result, cryptocurrencies have turned tables across the financial world creating a lot of business gates for numerous business startups. One of the most preferred businesses is the Cryptocurrency exchange which has a high revenue-generating business model in the crypto space. Hence, starting a crypto exchange platform by using white label crypto exchange software is the smartest and finest way. In comparison with other development ways (scratch, open source), white label crypto exchange software is the feasible way to develop your crypto exchange business. Here I listed some of the top benefits of white label crypto exchange software.

Topmost benefits of white label crypto exchange software

  • Simple and easy to launch(within a week)
  • Budget-friendly cost (Approx $8k-12k -It varies depending upon your business needs)
  • Multi-time tested
  • No need for technical expertise
  • Easy to customize as per your business requirements
  • No need for any monitoring
  • Enable security modules as per your requirements
  • Easily enable add-on modules
  • Initiate all essential features

Well, these are some top benefits of white-label crypto exchange software. Along with benefits, the white label crypto exchange software has some peculiar features like,

Peculiar features of White label crypto exchange software

  • Margin trading
  • Liquidity API
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Referral program
  • Firebase and firewall integration
  • Pending transactions handling
  • Effectual admin panel
  • Top-notch user dashboard
  • Robust CMS

These are the peculiar features of white label crypto-exchange software, also you can easily add (or) remove these features depending upon your business requirements.

Now from the above statements, you can get a clear idea about white label crypto exchange software and It is a suitable way to develop the crypto exchange platform. If you plan to develop your crypto exchange by using white label crypto exchange software then you need to approach the leading development firm in the crypto market. As the current crypto market has been filled with inexperienced development firms, you need to be careful in choosing a feasible crypto exchange development company. To overcome this kind of problem I’ve run some analyses to find out the best crypto exchange development company in the crypto space. And, I found one such crypto exchange development company Zab technologies. They built the Crypto exchange software with recent technology stacks and fine-tune its structure with apt features according to your business plan. So, you can launch your own crypto exchange platform instantly at a reasonable cost. Contact them, share your requirements and start your business journey.

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