Issue in creating new solana token wallet addresses

Hi Team, cc I am trying to work on functionality to generate token wallets for erc20 tokens and went through this repo, now I generated a seed through the mnemonic like done in this repo and generating a transaction obj like this

   let transaction = new Transaction();
            fromPubkey: account.publicKey,
            newAccountPubkey: newAccount.publicKey,
            lamports: await connection.getMinimumBalanceForRentExemption(
            space: ACCOUNT_LAYOUT.span,
            programId: TOKEN_PROGRAM_ID,
          await this.initializeAccount({
            account: newAccount.publicKey,
            mint: mint,
            owner: account.publicKey,

now even with using the same mnemonic, I see the signer array in this object as empty whereas running a local instance of this repo I see the signer array populated so what am I doing wrong can anyone have a look?


HI @Viraz, thanks for the question. I think you’ll have better luck finding an answer in our Discord