JungleCats - a SOLANA NFT project | 1000 additional NFTs added | TRENDING NFT

Hey lions! We have been pleasantly surprised that the JungleCats giveaway we hosted was a huge success. To whose who weren’t fast enough to participate in the flash giveaway, we have decided to get back to the community and provide you with an additional 1000 NFTs.

We have started the Jungle Cats projects as a small hobby. Throughout the weeks, it has evolved into a huge community with loving and caring members. We intend to keep it this way.

:label: Rules:

  1. Time window: 24 hour s from now. You have exactly one day to mint a JungleCats NFT;
  2. Minting price: 0.99 SOL ;
  3. NFT/transaction: 1x;
  4. External sale fee: 2%;
  5. Collection marketplace: SolSea;
  6. Whitelist: non-applicable;
  7. NFT delivery time: few seconds.

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