Kucoin Exchange Clone Script

Kucoin Clone Script
Kucoin Exchange Clone Script is an extended version of Kucoin and can provide all the features of Kucoin. Many traders want to have their own exchange. Some of them are interested in having an exchange similar to Kucoin with features that can act like it.

How to offer a digital currency exchange like Kucoin? As the most up-to-date and targeted cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, Kucoin has become the pinnacle of influence for traders. Kucoin offers a variety of products, including cryptocurrency investments, an excellent trading platform, corporate custody accounts, various wallets for retail investors, and USD coins. Its list includes Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, and many more. The country has promised to support all currencies in the not-too-distant future.

Kucoin clone app

Today, businesses depend on mobile phones as people embrace them more and better. Exchange offices and their developed scripts also offer programs to provide better services to their customers.

These Kucoin clone apps are developed for any device with any operating system and are provided by their developers. Kucoin clones offer a variety of customization features and trading security that make them useful for traders.

Additionally, these apps provide transaction history and price and scanner updates. They support multiple languages ​​and offer fiat and digital currencies.

Admin modules


View user details

Commission settings

Payment gateway integration

Dispute management system

KYC management

User modules

User sign-in/sign up

Proximity match

Crypto wallet integration

Crypto Deposit/Withdrawal history

Raise dispute

Create Buy/Sell advertisements

User-to-user exchange BUY/SELL

Security features

Jail Login Guard

SMS/Email verification

CSRF protection

Two-factor authentication

Escrow protection

HTTPS Authentication

SSL Encryption/ SQL Integration

Who can have Kucoin exchange clone script?

Choosing a clone script whose main exchange is ranked 4th among the top exchanges is a big step to have a perfect business. This clone script can be a good choice for digital enthusiasts and new and old traders. So if you are a trader who wants to have your own exchange, Kucoin is a good choice. If you are a businessman whose business needs more development and progress, you can use this version. Finally, if you are interested in Kucoin and its functions and want to have an exchange similar to it, you can use the Kucoin exchange clone script.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, choose this script to get all the features of a top-rated exchange within a week.

About Kucoin exchange

It is better to take a general look at the details of the Kucoin exchange. The popular digital currency exchange Kucoin, which has many fans among digital currency traders, is a crypto exchange that provides its services to many countries without restrictions. The service of this exchange is so broad and unlimited that many traders choose to have an exchange like it.

This exchange was established in 2017 by Mr. Gan. Since then, it has increased and improved its features and traders want the same features for their exchange. This stock exchange is admirable due to its significant progress and the passage of time since its establishment.

In general, this exchange is one of the new and advanced exchanges. Of course, if we look at the history of this exchange, Kucoin was founded in 2013, but launched in 2017.

Kucoin is an exchange based on the blockchain network, and its goal was to design a system to provide up-to-date and innovative services to traders around the world. Those interested in it were always updated and interested in new methods.

Kucoin clone software features

Add secure wallets to protect traders’ assets.

Payment integration so that merchants have the ability to pay with the preferred method.

Provide a real-time list of asset values ​​to inform traders of real-time currency values ​​to simplify selection for traders.

The 24-hour support of your exchange admins allows exchange customers to do their business at any time and place and their problems are solved quickly.

Set the properties so that this clone script is available for any system and any device.

Support a variety of orders including limit and stop market orders so traders can place their orders the way they want.

The possibility of creating different accounts for users, including savings accounts and mining accounts, gives traders more options.

Support a variety of trades, including spot margin and futures, to enhance your traders’ preferred trading conditions.

Multi-cryptocurrency integration allows your traders to use multiple wallets and multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time.

A user and management dashboard that allows administrators and users to do things better.

Multilingual support to provide services worldwide helps to increase the profit of your traders.

Automated trading engine is very attractive to connect buyer and seller faster.

Automatic KYC / AML verification can be added for more security and user account identification.

Add support for bank card and credit card payment methods and other payment methods.

This exchange can charge a small transaction fee from its trader

Why use Kucoin clone script?

The answer is very simple. Because solving this helps people to be able to trade digital currencies with their favorite features. By developing these exchanges, you can help a lot to make transactions as desired.