Launching SOLADEFI - actively managed pool/index

Greetings from PowerPool! PowerPool actively manages diversified, non-custodial, thematic pooled investment tokens WITH rewards available at low cost to any investor globally. We operate on Balancer v2 together with our Power Agent network, enabling us to actively-manage ‘index’ pools and auto-harvest rewards. We have just launched BSCDEFI, with active collaboration from BSC central, PancakeSwap (the launch DEX), and all of the 15 BSC tokens either in the pool at launch or soon to be added during periodic re-weightings.

I mention this because we plan to launch a similar thematic token for the Solana DeFi community, (working title is SOLADEFI), assuming we can assemble the same type of collaborative group spirit and launch push that we achieved with BSC. Solana and/or its members may wish to consider how best to organize launching SOLADEFI as a way of coming together and driving global investor demand for the ecosystem and its tokens. It would be great to be able to launch ahead of the Lisbon conference.

We have long planned to do this, but our experience with the BSC DeFi community reinforced the advantages of a collaborative marketing approach to launching thematic pooled tokens like SOLADEFI.

Thanks for your attention,

GordonGekko_CVP | PowerPool DAO Management Board
(for more detail, please read the project Wiki)