Ledger Wallet not recoverable with Seed Phrase in Phantom

Hey there,

I lost access to my hardware wallet and tried to recover it from the seed phrase in side of a new browser in a freshly installed phantom extension (with the 24-word ledger seed). I don’t understand why, but none of the three derivation routes includes the account of my ledger wallet that was created with phantom when I connected it back then… I a try to stay calm because I am pretty certain that the seed phrase is the correct one because it is the only 24-word phrase I have ever created :smiley:

I found two similar experiences during my research:

Those two don’t really helped because they still had access to the hardware. But nonetheless, they experienced the same issue when they tried to recover with the seed phrase.

Guessing that it could have something todo with how the key is derived?
Do you think it would make a difference for phantom to recognize the address when I buy a new ledger and try to recover from there? (ref to the reddit exp)

Any ideas? Appreciate your help a lot and would love to get access to my nfts again…

Hello Mate…Sorry about the inconveniences but firstly have you synchronized your token holder. ?

UPDATE: I bought a new ledger and tried to recover from there. And voila - phantom instantly found the right wallet address. Weird that it does not work with the seed recovery phrase on it’s own.

For people with the same issue: Don’t panic and try to recover your wallet via a ledger device. Thanks for your help anyway!

Okay have you synchronized your phrase for security reasons

@SolanaDev, is there a bip mismatch with phantom and cli generated wallets? I only get the same derived pub address if I use the ASK keyword instead of the prompt:// uri.

I submitted a bit to phantom, and I have been trying to put my solution on all the forums I find with a similar issue, but I don’t know why it’s happening…

I appreciate any help you can provide :slight_smile: thanks :+1:

Yes of course I just really want to know if you have Synchronized your token holder ? That can be a major issue for this errors you’re stating.
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Yeah… Solanadev is a scam. Hope no one falls for it. There is no such thing as syncing you wallet. Please don’t fall for this. Can we kick people off this forum for obvious phishing attempts?