Library for create SmartContracts on Solana

Guys, hello.

Tell me please.

Is there a link to a library for creating smart contracts?

I need to implement the functionality of selling digitized paintings with a link to the solana nft token.

How to create the NFT tokens themselves, I understood from the documents. I don’t know how to create contracts and cannot find examples. (I need to implement something like metaplex)

Hi @AlexanderPred and welcome to the forum! :wave:

The official documentation for writing smart contracts can be found here currently learning Solana development is a little difficult, and while there are some great architecture explanation docs, there are not a lot of real-world examples.

If you have questions about how to do specific things, definitely ask on the forum and somebody might be able to help. I haven’t gotten into the specifics of minting NFT’s or how metaplex works under the hood, but another good documentation source is the documentation for the Solana Program Library.