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Generally, peer-to-peer crypto exchanges are opted by many crypto traders. Because p2p cryptocurrency exchanges are highly secured and do not involve any third parties to complete the transaction. There is a huge demand for peer-to-peer crypto exchanges and the demand will not decrease. Many startups and entrepreneurs are willing to start a p2p crypto exchange like LocalBitcoins. The simplest and the most efficient way to start a crypto exchange like localbitcoins is by using a localbitcoins clone script.

Localbitcoins clone script- overview

A Localbitcoins clone script is a pre-developed peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange software that is loaded with advanced features and security options similar to the LocalBitcoins exchange. By getting a reliable LocalBitcoins Clone Script, crypto startups can start a crypto exchange like LocalBitcoins in just 10 days. Also, the cost is very low compared to other crypto exchange development methods.

Business Benefits of using LocalBitcoins clone script

  • Multiple trading options
  • Instant transactions
  • More than 200 cryptocurrencies supported
  • Multiple security features
  • Customizable software and app
  • Multi-lingual assistance
  • Multiple compatibilities
  • High scalability
  • Security features

These are the major reasons why many crypto startups are preferring this method of starting a cryptocurrency exchange platform like localbitcoins using the Localbitcoins clone script. But you need to ensure that the Localbitcoins clone script is filled with the essential features of a typical localbitcoins exchange. Check out the features that you need to consider to present in the localbitcoins clone script.

Features of LocalBitcoins Clone Script

  • Secure Escrow management
  • OTC trading
  • Margin Trading
  • Integrated chatbox
  • No tampering
  • Staking cryptocurrencies
  • Token listing

Where to get the Localbitcoins clone script?

Although there are various cryptocurrency exchange script providers, there are only a few cryptocurrency exchange script providers that offer feature-filled localbitcoins clone scripts. Coinsqueens being a leading cryptocurrency exchange script provider offers best-in-class Localbitcoins clone script at affordable costs.

Get a free demo of their Localbitcoins clone script

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Truly, Localbitcoins clone script can minimize the developes time in code developing and testing. The advanced trading engine, api, wallet, payment gateway, swapping, user dashbord and admin panel is in-built in the script to work instantly. Additional features can be customized with respect to the needs.

It is a great time saver for budding entrepreneurs who are get started.

We at Hivelance Technologies had offered localbitcoins clone script to 10+ clients who successfully launched their p2p exchange like locallbitcoins. Check out our portfolio in detail via website.or drop us a message. We’ll get back to you. Best of luck for your venture.

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