Looking For a developer for a NFT market!

Hi all, I am from ShangHai, I want to build a NFT market on solana, I am looking for a developer or a technical partner, send me a message. :pray:

Hi, I’m from Ghana. I’m a software developer. I’ve been looking to enter the blockchain space for sometime now and have picked up Rust. I’m interested in building a NFT market.

@darth_applejewce message me @swiss_trader027 if you’re good with Solana development.

@swiss I can’t private message because I’m a new user. I could message you on Discord if you have an account. Here’s my Discord: applejeewce#6903

I have been a developer for 30 years and specialize high availablity of J2EE Enterprise financial platform development using Web3 which has all the capacity for NFT Solana production. Please email me at xtreme110@protonmail.ch and yes Security is my number one priority and I have 10 years experience in building Blockchain Server Client systems and extreme capabilities in Encrypted PGP Data transmission of Video, Audio and Graphics that are vital in NFT markets today.
I look forward to the prospects of working with your firm sir.

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