Looking for a developers for a NFT


I am working right now on a high quality Solana NFT project but my team and me still need a fulltime developer to write the smart contract and help us with other stuff. If you are interested in working with us please leave a comment or contact us at hiredev@weizomb.com

Thank you

Hey there @Jaysteam I’m interested in doing Solana related work, but some things you know should know about me that might be deal-breakers:

  • I’m not super experienced with Solana. I pick things up quickly and I’ve already written my own custom smart contracts in Solana. I think I’ve got a good grip on the basics of Solana, but at the same time, I may have to learn some things as I go, depending on what you guys are wanting to accomplish. Still, I’m passionate about quality solutions, I’m very excited about Solana, and I’m good at combining available technologies to get the most amount of benefit for the least amount of work.
  • I’m not comfortable with all kinds of artwork ( from a modesty or violence perspective ) so I’d have to know what kind of art the NFTs were going to be

As a bonus, I’m extremely experienced with designing quality, responsive, realtime web applications using VueJS and JavaScript/Typescript ( I’ve done some React, too, but I like Vue a lot more :slight_smile: ).

Anyway, not sure if that’s a good fit, but I figured I’d throw it out there.

Also, getting paid in crypto is something that I’m looking for, but not a requirement.