Looking for a mentor to help Ukraine!

My name is Myron and I am from Ukraine.
I am looking for a way to raise money for Ukrainian army. I think making a NFT collection is good way to do it. I made a sample collection on Solsea: Stand with Ukraine! | Solsea
I bet I did everything wrong, I am doing this for the first time. But I am huge fan of MVP concept.
I am looking for a good advice on how to move forward with this project.
I have couple of questions:

How to move on with project marketing?
We created Twitter and Discord: Stand with Ukraine NFTs
Please join and share.
What’s the right price range for such NFT’s?
Who can help with promoting? Who can I contact?

How many copies of each NFT should I mint? On Solsea I can do one at the time, but is it ok to mint multiple copies of each NFT’s? Are there tools that help mint multiple copies at once which are not too technical (my stack is limited to Python)?
If there are questions which I did not ask but answers are important please answer them as well.

Thank you for your help!

Hi @Lao and welcome to the forum! :wave:

I’d love to help, I’ve not got a lot of experience with Solsea or NFTs on Solana yet.

The forum doesn’t many people answering questions other than me, so you’ll probably want to try to find other places to ask your questions. I’m not really on any platforms other than the forum, so I’m not sure what the best place is, but you could try Reddit, or maybe the Metaplex Discord, but I’m not sure what their rules about posts on their Discord is, so just make sure you read them and make sure they’re OK with you posting your project links before you do.

Best of luck!

Thank you very much!