Looking For A Solona DEV, looking to make a NFT marketplace Dapp and coin. (clone a dapp and mint a coin)

Want to be a crypto company Founder???
U got what it Takes???
Check out below, if its resonates with you and u like the vibezZz then u LMK, Thanks My Broski’s

I am deep understanding of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Evaluating Projects, Investing , and Trading. I been in crypto since 2016 but . . . i love the tech and want to be involved more than just speculating and build something. I am not a coder so i will need one. I feel i have a very good opportunity to give a certain niche exposure that they genZ will love and embrace. Really looking for more of a team to work with that embraces same ideology as I do as a artist. Also on Online marketing specialist(just someone who understands online marketing).

Crypto has amazing communities and this right here, what I am doing(crowdsourcing ambitions people with a single skill, of which on its own can be profitable but combine everyones specialty skills together their will exponentially grow the value of the people involved (founders and people there from beginning) is how some of the most valuable companies will be created.

If you are ready to work and build something great and have the same fire I DO and would be willing to accept delayed gratification for a huge win in the end LMK. Lets see if we can make thos work here on SOLANA.

Kindly take your time to DM

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A little more insight?

Hello do you still need assistance

yes, could u direct me on how to properly use this board effectively

instagram is @sekonerokz

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