Looking for Cofounder for SOLANA-based Geospatial NFT Platform

Hi All!

I have a project that I’m excited to get rolling… It’s called MyGeoTokens.com.

I am strong with marketing/sales/raising capital/finance, but I’d like to build MVP with an experienced technical cofounder, before raising seed funds. I have multiple investors excited about this project, but we first need to demonstrate Proof of Concept.

I have a complete project summary/details prepared and ready to discuss project plan with anyone who this appeals to.

The dream cofounder would be an experienced full stack developer with Solana/RUST/UI/UX proficiencies and track record of success.

I am an experienced business person, with an MBA, and an excellent network of investors. I do believe that with a perfect technical cofounder, this product could raise funds very quickly.

Please reach out if you’d like to discuss!