Looking for community promotion and operation officers

MetaVirus is an automatic combat role-playing game that uses blockchain technology as the bottom layer of the economy. The game combines blockchain technology with a Unity engine, augmented-reality VR technology, global-positioning LBS technology, and other coding marvels that coordinate to offer eight elements to game play, including: individual identities, social interaction, low latency controls, open-world game play that is both diversified and immersive, an economic system, and simulated civilization.

As a blockchain game design team, we are currently working on a great blockchain game project which is called MetaVirus. Now we are looking for one or more community promotion and operation officers to join our growing team.

Key Responsibility:

Promote our game via blockchain related forum, communities and other related social media.


As a community promotion and operation officer, you are expected to have Web3 community management experience

Or have participated in multiple community activity projects


For those who have achieved remarkable promotion results, we will have generous rewards in the form of cash and virtual currency.

Flexibility to work from home.

Career advancement possibilities.

If you’re interested in applying for this position, please contact and send your resume via metavirus86@gmail.com. Thank you.