Looking for ICO solution

Hello guys, currently I and a few friends of mine are planning to build two projects based on Solana, and in order to validate if they make sense to anyone else we want to run an ICO campaign before we pour all our current resources and fundings that we have into the development.

So far our search for a platform on which we can run our ICO has no fruits. We tried to research different platforms for listing our SOL-based token, but none of them satisfies our requirements (or at least we didn’t find that they do in their docs).

We want to achieve the following functionality as seen in the link below (constant price swap)

but so far we haven’t found a single vendor/third-party that provides it.

We are also playing around with

But so far we had no luck, as there is close to no documentation about the library.

The closest solution that we found on the web so far is

But unfortunately, it seems like it doesn’t support the constat-curve swap.

I will be very happy if someone helps me with some resources, or recommend me a third party that we can use for our ICO, or anything else that in your opinion may solve my issue.

So all you need is a website that will allow users to spend a fixed amount of SOL ( or some other token ) to get your tokens?

Do you want users to be able to swap your token for an equivalent amount of SOL too, or do you just want them to be able to buy your token, and not be able to swap your token back for SOL?

If you used the token swap program, I believe it would be fully possible ( at least by manually composing transactions to send to the blockchain, even if you didn’t provide a GUI on your website for this ) to swap your tokens back to SOL at the fixed rate, if they decided they would rather have their SOL back.

If that’s not a problem, I think I could create an example site that will do what you want.

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That is exactly what we want to do, we want to have the js program interacting with the token swap program, for swapping tokens back and forth at a fixed price for the duration of the sale.

Thanks in advance, for your effort.

OK, cool. This is something I’m interested in finding out, and I’m pretty sure that I can get the example you shared to function. I’ll let you know what I find.

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Sorry, I got kind of busy and I’m not exactly sure when I’ll get to this, but I’ll let you know when I do.

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I’m not sure if this would work for your project yet, but I did find this project that you might be interested in that might work for you:

Disclaimer: I haven’t tested it, used it, or hardly even investigated it yet. Not financial advice.

Did any one able to figure it out ?

Hi @mr4x3 and welcome to the forum! :wave:

I’ve not gotten to actually testing anything, and unfortunately I’ve gotten too busy to probably be able to work on it.