Looking for Partners to Disrupt my Industry


I’m an experienced professional in an industry not yet really disrupted by blockchain and distributed ledgers. I have yet to read or hear about any coin or project in this space. I have several ideas on applications and I’m looking for a development team to partner with to make my ideas a reality. I am not a professional coder. I would be wiling to discuss ideas further and may require an NDA depending on circumstances.

I also have limited access to a VC firm in my space but I have yet to complete a white paper. I need assistance from a technical partner(s) to ensure that the appropriate security, privacy, governance and tokenomics are selected for the applications.

Thank you in andvance for any interest or direction.

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Hi admin8or, sounds interesting. I’m a software engineer using Python, Java and NodeJS. I’m recently took a liking to Solana blockchain. Perhaps we can chat?

Send a DM

Sure - Sounds good. I’m open after the US holiday.


I’m interested to explore. I’m a developer as well.

Let’s explore together with @rigbee ?


Hello @admin8or

Sounds very interesting. Please get in touch for a discussion. Email: sapiensfacet@outlook.com.