Looking for Smart Contract and Backend Developers on Sol

I am currently in the progress to launch a NFT project and are urgently in need of a Smart contract developer/Backend Developer to help us with our NFT smart contracts as well as Backend developments.

Will definitely need you to understand Rust / Sol to help us with our project. and would appreciate it if you’ve done similar projects previously.

Please reach out for more details .


Owen, let’s discuss it.

Hi Gerald,

Discord - OTM#9504

Hi @Owenhohoho I might be able to help if @gerald556 isn’t already going to.

Are you familiar with Metaplex?

I haven’t used it yet, but I was specifically thinking that it would be good to use for any NFT marketplaces where it matched the use-case.

Do you have Tg or discord?

I should be able to get on Discord, but my availability on there is on-and-off. While slightly less real-time, I am always reachable through direct-message here on the forum.


Do you have github or any past experience in creating a NFT web?

Are you more leaning towards backend, frontend or smart contract devs?

You can see my GitHub profile here:


  • Frontend: extremely experienced
  • Backend: experienced
  • Smart contracts: Relatively new to Solana, but expert at Rust, and I can learn what I need to as I go.

I have extensive experience with frontend development, my most polished applications being KatharosTech.com and Juju Lens ( that link has screenshots and a video, too ).

I also have extensive experience with Rust, which I have used for backend development. I can do REST API’s or GraphQL API’s using Rust in the backend and have used it to develop full-stack applications.

As far as smart contracts, I have learned how to develop Solana smart contracts, but I’m relatively new to it. I do pick things up quickly, though, and I don’t doubt that I can learn whatever necessary to accomplish a given goal. My deep Rust experience made it much easier to get started with smart contracts on Solana, and I would put effort into making sure I don’t “re-invent the wheel” if a project like Metaplex is already doing a lot of what we need to do.

Currently I have UIUX team working on designs/web layout for the web. My team are mainly executors leaning towards operations. We are not solely looking at smart contract devs, but rather a tech lead with Smart contract devs skill set. I’m happy to speak more with you, your github looks stack. Let me know, I need it urgently

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Let’s discuss. Send me a PM.

Hi @Owenhohoho
Thanks for your posting here

As I am experience in blockchain development, NFT and Smart Contract

You can connect me on james@techsolvo.com

Thanks & Regards