Looking to start developing on Solana?

Where should I start?

Hi @dendisuhubudy , and welcome to the forum!

Right now developing on Solana is a little bit of a rougher road than some other smart contract platforms. It takes getting rather familiar with the way that Solana works in some places, but if you are fine with that, it’s perfectly possible to learn.

As far as I’ve seen, there aren’t a lot of tutorial level guides on how to write an actual application with Solana, but I figured out a lot of it while experimenting with a simple prototype meeting scheduling tool: GitHub - zicklag/see-you-then: WIP Decentralized Calendly alternative built on Solana. Right now the project isn’t useful, but the Solana program and the way I interact with the web3.js API does demonstrate some key features.

So… Essentially I recommend reading though the Development Guide in the Solana docs to get some initial understanding, but after that resources get fewer.

I’ve been wanting to develop a full-blown tutorial from what I learned, but I don’t know when I’ll find the time, so if you want to you can ask questions here on the forum about how to do different stuff and I can try to help you as you go. Also, if you want to share what kind of app you are wanting to make for starters, I can give you pointers on how I think you’d go about that.