Loss My Funds Raydium

Hi, I try to I try to restore my sollet wallet with 24 words put I didn’t find my tokens 90,5 Raydium token disbarred from my sollet wallet that show me 0 SOL
can you help me please, how can I recover my token

Did you only have one address created with your wallet seed or multiple? If multiple you’ll need to reveal them in the order they were created I believe and your address with a balance should be in there.

Otherwise if your seed is slightly or entirely incorrect you’ll need to figure out what the original version was and keep trying until it’s solved. I’ve seen an extra letter in one of the seed phrase words result in an entirely different set of addresses derived.

There are other things that could have been the issue but these are the things I’d start with examining.

I still apologize for insisting sir but I tried the words several times but it does not give me access to my wallet which corresponds to my API main account that I can observe on Solscan, is there one less access with my main account API and the seeds words?