Lost all my Sol tokens


I lost all my Sol token on Solflare wallet. I have a ledger to connect to the wallet. I got a massage for claiming NFTs and I connected my wallet to claim and all my tokens are gone. Is there any way to get the tokens back.
It shows it was transferred from my account as account #1
and received on account #4
with this address. Is there any way to trace it and get the tokens reversed.

Thank you

unfortunately once you sign a transaction, your tokens are in the wind… There are a bunch of scammers on here too so be really careful if anyone says they can get them back for you. Really sorry for your loss. Was it the Christmas tree free nft one?

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Thanks for replying. Yes it was.

That stupid christmas tree has probably gotten hundreds of thousands–if not more–of USD in sol…

100% scam ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I know. Thank you for confirmation