Lost my mSOL using Saber swap

Hi people,
I am new to all this and I lost 0.42 SOL during a swap.
I use sollet and I was swapping with Saber part of SOL in mSOL, they deducted the SOL but I didn’t get any mSOL.
I repeated the procedure and for the following 3 times it worked.
At the end I lost around 0.42 SOL and I would like to know if I can do somethings to claim it back.

If you have opened a buy order on dex exchanges, after the order is executed, you will need to send tokens to your wallet by clicking the “Settle” buttons

I attached 1 screenshot of the transaction.
I had 0.89 SOL and I swapped half in mSOL, I lost the mSOL
If someone can explain to me what s happened.