Lost my Transaction due to RPC error

Im a crypto newbie and created a solana wallet with Phantom so i can buy some Star Atlas tokens, yesterday i bought some USDC to trade for Polis tokens on Raydium exchange, i put in the swap details and submitted a transaction and its been pending for 18h i was told it will never go through my understanding is a swap should fail or succeed not be stuck pending in an infinite blackhole i was advised that basically raydiums UI should have told me it was skipped due to an RPC error/ Raydium error, Raydium support says nothing can be done if i new it failed i would have tried to buy again so that transaction being skipped i lost a fortune how does this happen and how can it be stopped from happening again?

Raydium support said nothing can be done why didnt it show the transaction was skipped, i can still see the transaction on the raydium exchange but it didnt make it to the blockchain it seems like

@Marc_dentea is promoting a fake help forum with fake ticket ID’s.

The best place for support is here, but always DOUBLE check any link

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Remember, there are scammers waiting for you there …

Scammers will seek you out so NEVER reply to a direct message, keep all comments on the forum, nowhere else, okay?

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