Lost Solana from Metamask to Binance

I sent 6,63 SOL from my Metamask Wallet to a right wallet through BSC network to Binance and the transaction was failed, the execution was reverted, but I don´t have my 6,63 SOL in my Metamask Wallet balance again.

This is the transaction hash:

And I attached a file to check it

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Hi @rubytas and welcome to the forum. :wave:

:warning: Warning: @Marc_dentea is a well-known scammer on this forum: never click links thathe posts.

I’ll check out your transaction probably tomorrow and let you know if I can figure anything out.

This scammer contacted to me through telegram, he sent me a link, that I used but finally he asked me for my Secret Recovery Phrase, and fortunately I didn´t give him my Secret Recovery Phrase. But I have two questuions:

1/ Do you think that I must clean my computer?

2/ How can I contact to Solana Official Support by mail?

Thank you in advance for your help @zicklag

Good job! :smiley:

If all you did was chat with him in Telegram, I think you’re probably safe, but that’s just me coming from the outside and not knowing 100% what happened. Do you have any reason to think he compromised your machine?

Did you give him any info about your device or anything like that?

The community page of the Solana website has the official links to all of Solana’s community channels. I have found it difficult to actually get in contact with official Solana Foundation members, though.

I think the closest we have to a Solana support channel is the wallet support room on the Solana Discord. Discord is even more fraught with scammers than the forum, though, so always be diligent.

Also, I’m not sure if a Metamask problem would be considered in that channel because it’s an Ethereum wallet.

Anyway, after looking at your transactions I can see that 3 transactions before the failed one that you linked to, there was a successful transfer of 6,63 SOL in this transaction:

I’m not super familiar with the BSC and the contracts involved so I can’t tell yet exactly what you were doing, but hopefully you’ll know what that was and it will help find the tokens.

If this post helped you I’d really appreciate a tip, no matter how small, in whatever tokens you prefer. It will help me spend time helping people on this forum and learning more about crypto.

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